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 Academy Of Jewellery Designing

Jewellery designing is one of the oldest and most respected forms of all arts. Consequently many young people have been showing tremendous interest in pursuing this form of art. Gautam Banerjee’s Academy was set up in the year 1995 by renowned designer Gautam Banerjee taking into consideration the needs of the jewellery industry and interest of the clients. Gautam Banerjee’s Academy provides a comprehensive training to the aspiring students and helps them to enter into a world of designing and creating exclusive jewellery.

Gautam Banerjee academy about us imageThe objective of the course is to provide students with necessary knowledge and technical skill of Jewellery Designing. Students enhance their creative aspect and master the technical problems of rendering. It also gives them a basic knowledge in jewellery manufacturing, Diamond Grading and Gemology.

The instruction is intensive with the supervision of the instructor. The students learn to possess strong basic skills to design jewellery with precision. As such their work is appreciated by jewellery houses in India and abroad.

Students gain a broad range of knowledge with the opportunity to learn not only designing, but also about application of gem stones to jewellery along with diamond grading. Students’ skills are tested on a regular basis for the eligibility of certificates which qualify them for working in prominent jewellery houses.

Gautam Banerjee: Gautam Banerjee has acquired his training from master designers like Mr. B.N.Karmokar and Late Mr. R.V. Shinde and Late Mr. A.V. Shinde- the chief designer of Harry Winston, New York. He has been in this profession since almost twenty five years.

Courses offered:

I) Professional designing course: The complete course is spread over a duration of appx. 50 sessions (JO — 11 months), whereby each session would be once a week for four hours. The course encompasses drawing of basic shapes, filling diamonds in them and eventually rendering, with special emphasis on international markets (America, Japan, Italy, Hong-Kong, and UAE) with their famous styles and Brands. It also includes the perspective view presentation of different pieces of jewellery and Light box rendering of diamond and gold Jewellery (Kundan/vilandi).

Apart from this, there would be special theory lectures covering areas like-Estimation, Setting and joints (Manufacturing techniques), Inspiration, diamond grading, gemology and a factory visit (live experience of the manufacturing process).

It’s a personalized course (one to one teaching). Students can join as per their convenience.

Opera House :
Tuesday 9.00 a.m To 05.00 p.mgb image
Thursday 9.00 a.rn To 1.00 p.m
Friday 02.00 p.m To 6.00 p.m

2) Jewellery Manufacturing: Wherein the students will have an enchanting time giving life to their designs. Manufacturing course includes mould making, filing, different kinds of settings and finishes. A vision about casting proc.edure will also broaden their horizon in this field ahead.

Duration: Six to Seven Months
Days: Weekly Twice ( Monday & Wednesday )
Time: 2.00 am to 6.00 p.m


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