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CAD Jewellery Design Course

CAD Jewellery Design Course


This CAD jewellery design course is basically a computerized environment for creating digital design elements in 2 dimensional as well as in 3 Dimensional models.

If you are a designer, this is the application you were looking for. Rhinoceros 4 & 5 is a very powerful software that allows designers to do different kinds of tasks they need to create their designs very quickly, efficiently, and accurately. It will really help you to quickly show your designs and enhance the overall design process.

Rhinoceros supports rendering, animation, illustration applications, engineering analysis, 3D digitalizing tools, 3D scanners and 3D printers.

CAD Software is mainly categorized into 2D & 3D2

  • The Process of working in 2D environment is technically termed as DRAFTING.
  • The Process of working in 3D environment is technically termed as MODELLING.
  • This CAD course helps you to learn how to make actaul jewellery models with modulaion, flow, surfacing, technically 3D parametric and assembly.
  • This CAD course analysis you to convert 2D sketch into actual live gold pieces.

This CAD course will help you to increase your knowledge related to make actual 3D gold pieces according to customers productivity like minimum gold loss and proper gold weight calculation,with diamond carats weights.

Making a simple pendant or the most technically challenging and spectacular of jewels is easy with RHINO 4 & 5

It is suitable for CAD designers and features the most comprehensive range of jewelry-specific tools to help you through every stage of the design process.

Whether you are making a simple pendant or the most technically challenging and spectacular of jewels, Rhino can help you create your vision faster and more efficiently.


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