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Jewellery Manufacturing Course

Professional Jewellery Manufacturing Course

The course is perfect for those with little or no prior experience of jewellery making and design, and covers all the basics of jewellery design and manufacture over 13 expertly devised modules that include:

  • Designing jewellery using traditional techniques
  • Designing jewellery using Computer Aided Design
  • The jewellery industry as a career option; its jobs and possibilities
  • Making jewellery by hand
  • Enamelling jewellery
  • Engraving jewellery
  • Setting gemstones
  • Finishing jewellery using techniques such as polishing


The course will take you 6 to 7  months to complete – on a two day per week basis.

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Merit Certification in Jewellery Manufacture


6 to 7 months x 2 days per week Weds and Friday

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