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Forum Shah

Our course is the best course as it covers every thing that a student needs to learn.it has extra lectures from which we get more knowledge about jewellery.i have no suggestions because i like my jewellery course and the class the way it is.The most inspiring thing is the fact that i get to learn from the best sir.

Sonam thakkar

He is an inspiration to our dreams and yearns to light our path of success by his genuine desire to impart knowledge. The art of teaching, assisting & guiding his students lies within him.

Shweta Mehta

I am delightful and very lucky to learn jewellery designing under Gautam banerjees academy Gautam sir passion and love for jewellery and my creative. I am obliged to be a gautam banerjees student. Thank you sir it has been a very big opportunity and challenge for me to learn under your guidance which has turned me professional.

Ridhi mashru

Passionate. That’s what our sir is. It’s that passion and dedication towards jewellery designing that he imparts in us it was an extraordinary experience and a privilege to have had the opportunity to work with him and learn under his guidance.

Mithi Jain

I stared in the year 2011, then took 1 year leave on account of HSC board exams. All these years sir have been very motivating and has imparted a lot of knowledge in all his students. Its been a great expertience being a part of Gautam Banerjee’s Academy of Jewellery Desiging.

Forum Shah

As far as Andheri branch is concerned, my course till now is going amazing. the class at andheri is compact which is why we get full concentration of sir. There are less student and more fun. Sir is very cool person. With Gautam Sir, I have never felt stressed. There’s a very free and homelike atmosphere in class.

Dolly Jain

We design a jewellery GAUTAM BANERJEES ACADEMY DESIGNS Your life.

Sonam Kothari

What can I say! It’s been a tremendous learning experience from sir. His extremely methodological way of teaching coupled with rigourous approach to designing, has really motivated me to keep pushing myself that little bit extra every time. What I also like about the course is that it goes beyond designing. The manufacturing, grading perspective that sir and his team bring only acts as a cherry on the top have loved every bit of the course so far.

Zainab zoebali

I was highly impressed with the professional jewelry-designing course and your great knowledge and help, and I want to thank Sir for his time and effort in teaching a course with a wide array of topics that allows a student to enter the field with certainty and confidence. It was interesting at the same time challenging. An exemplary course!

Harshika Thakkar

Its an awesome experience learning under sir… I have started thinking out of the box and creating more innovative designs. Sir’s ideas & personalise teaching is really very effective with practical experience I thoroughly enjoy my Sunday class.

Hetal Khandhedia

Starting with jewellery designing with Gautam Banerjee’s Academy was one step closer to my Dream of becoming a Jewellery Desiner. And the dream came true in 2012 after being certified as a professional Jewellery Designer. Later in 2013 again I started learning painting which i was so keen in learning after seeing Sir’s Sketches in paints and was really excited to master the art. Learning everything with Sir was so satisfying and thorough that you don’t miss out on anything and ready for any sort of Designing work in India as well as Internationlly.

Janki Shah

From day one, I knew Gautam Banerjee’s Academy of Jewellery Designing was where I wanted to be. It has helped me in so many ways. There is help on every step. Learning was fun. I truelly and honestly loved my choice.

Pooja Jhaveri

Its been a great experience. I am connected to the academy since 4 years and in this period have gained a loy of knowledge, inspiration, ideas. It gives a great exposure to diferent markets had an advantage of learning jewellery painting which gave greater depths to jewellery. Gautam Banerjee gives an insight of creativity, manufacturing and confidence on making the jewellery.

Sreya Jain

Gautam Banerjee’s Academy of Jewellery Designing is the ideal place to learn designing. The infrastructure and working condition is very nice. Sir is one of the best professor I have ever come accross, he will scold for all the mistakes but at the same time make sure he gets perfection from us.

Aashna Dalmiya

The class is very vibrant and positive. It’s amazing how one on one teaching is practiced while giving personal attention to each student.

Nirjara Shah

Though I have been with this academy since almost 5 years,’ have always seen that Sir has always been very supportive and encouraging teverytime I came back to complete the course. The fact that I keep coming back after long breaks due to unavoidable reasons is proof enough to tell that Gautam Banerjee is an amazing teacher. would only like to ask for one thing that drawing with measurements and weight restrictions is something I would really look forward to learn. Nevertheless the regular tests and exams are really good way to always keep us in touch with all we learn.

Priyanka Arora

The management of the class is excellent. The way Sir takes classes is very unique and different. I love coming to class. I don’t think anything needs to be changed or amended. All I want him to open more and more branches including Delhi. Also the classes are perfect in its own way.

Niralee Choksi

Gautam Banerjee’s Academy is the best Jewellery Designing Academy.Sir the way you understand each student and teach is remarkable.Very patiently you teach and the way you share your knowledge is really amazing. The course covers designing from each and every point. I am very lucky to learn from you. Thank you.

Simran Arora

Its been a great experience coming to the class.Sir is a real gem of a person. He pays individual attention to each and every student. Altogether a very different learning experience. The ambience of the class is apt for designing-quiet and composed.

Swwety Lapasiya

The learning experience at G.B.’s Academy has been really good so far. The way of teaching is excellent. The guidance provided for every type of design has helped a lot.

Megha Mimani

A place where you feel homely,free to ask any question enhancing one’s capability to work. Sir himself is such a cool person; whom you can ask anything and have never met such a person who keeps pushing every day. He himself is a story and a personality to whom one can look up to brighten the future. Words fall short to describe Sir and his institute. If you are looking for a bright future into jewellery designing,he’s the best person to show you the right path. Thank you for everything you have taught us till now.

Reshma Jhaveri

I was told to learn jewellery designing by my sister to do only from Sir Gautam Banerjee. I think one grows while learning the different aspects of the jewellery world and takes inspiration from Sir himself. It’s fun learning and time flies in these four hours. Love it.

Sunali Parekh

The class is excellent. I have gone through many good experiences too. I have improved a lot. Sir also teaches with passion and patience which makes it 100% overall. I also like the excellent facilities provided by the class like tea and biscuits! The surprise test system is also good.

Tejal Javeri

In the Gautam Banerjee’s Institute everything is taught in details and minetely. It is really up to the students how the apply, what they apply and where they apply all the details that are thught to them. It is a challange to learn and complete the course here.

Surbhi Aggarwal

Turning passion into profession is what we learn from our sir. Fortunate to get the best learning from here. perfect training and the best jewelry designing course.

karishma jain

Sir is very kind hearted.The course is awesome.

Aakruti Nahata

I Have Been a student of Gautam banejee Institute since the last 2 year now. Its been a wonderful experience with sir his vision and the skills he imbibes in you will stay with you forever. He motivates you and give equal attention to each student as his responsibility. The techniques this institute teaches you and the modern variations you learn here are something which you will find it very useful in your future career I owe my designing skill solely to this institute and to my mentor Mr. Gautam Banerjee

Nidhi A Shah

Gautam Banerjees Academy is one of the best academy in india. The best part is Gautma sir personality teaches us and pay attention on that work we do. he teaches us each and every thing which is necessary for us to know in designing.Factory visit is the best part where we see things live i.e. jewelley making. Four hours spent in class with gautam sir is full of inspiration and motivation.he is a teacher cum friend with us which helps us to enjoy our class.

Shikha Shah

This is to express sincere gratitude to respected sir gautam banerjee whose endless endeavors and undying support have instilled in me d design skills i posses today the purview i had for design has been forged and yet opened to distant horizons thereby adding exceedingly to my perspectives also there rigorous efforts to train ant -so-skilled to the art of design has gone beyond means to infuse confidence in my every individual capabilities than u sir .

Sweety Jain

We create ideas “GAUTAM BANERJEES ACADEMY explores it” Gratefull 2 be a part of it.

Stuti Dand

It has been a great experience of learning along with implementing. Being an experiences person in industry. Sir has great knowledge about the market not only about current market but about ancient market as well. Looking forward for a great career in this industry.

Paushalie Raj

I consider myself very lucky, being a part of Gautam Banerjee’s Academy for Professional Jewelry Designing Course with personal training and guidance under Gautam Sir. I am highly regarded to have a Guru like him and gleeful to be a student of him throughout my life. Gautam Sir’s workoholic passion for creation plays a positive strike. His urge for researching and implementing differently is very inspiring. He is a multi-tasker. I Thank Sir for his genial, stalwart decisive ways of teaching and showing things with new perspectives. I always be grateful of him

Aashni Gandhi

Being in professional designing,I learned a lot from my experiences ,Gautam Banerjee’s teaching was very inspiring and informative so I wanted to take my creative energy to the next level. Being interned under my mentor the knowledge of Designing and Creativity has improved.
It also gives an immense exposure of learning painting jewellery which gave deep inside into the jewellery so I am successful in achieving my dreams.

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