Sniffing panty stories

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Very definitely pink. Nicki Welsh crouched on the floor of the hotel bedroom and could clearly see the discarded panties under the bed. Pink satin, with a little line of matching lace at the edges. She reached out and closed her hands on the little bundle.

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I suppose Sniffiny like these back," she said, offering them to the blonde, who sat slumped in the chair with her hand no longer on her sex but with her legs still wide apart. She dropped the panties and hoping the woman wouldn't notice.

Sniffing her panties: caught - fetish -

You are completely under the spell of my panties, you cannot resist them. You will lose interest in your own personal concerns, whatever they may srories, and you will turn your attention immediately to satisfying my needs and desires. I am going to put you through a little test.

Sniffing panty stories

etories That was what she would do too, in this woman's place. It gives you great pleasure and satisfaction to be in my service, smelling my scent and obeying my voice.

First time sniffing panties

You will be productive all day, and all week, confident in your ability and in the value of your work. When I started to connect what I was doing to self-hypnosis, I started doing some serious research.

Sniffing panty stories

I lean over and whisper into his ear, telling him just to take a few deep breaths and sniff. I used to live in a house share with 3 girls and 1 other guy. I almost came as Julie passed the doorway then I had a story - I wondered if her panty was in the laundry basket so as soon as I heard.

Caught sniffing house mates panties and forced to pleasure her. What was so special about my panties?

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I merely came in them last night while fingering myself when my husband was in the bath, then I tossed them aside. I fancied one of the girls (Chloe) like. You will have no other needs and desires than those given to you by my voice.

In the years I had been doing this, I would sniff and lick her panties, smelling her and tasting her. It feels pleasant, satisfying.

Panty sniffing (my daughters undies)

You will only remember your addiction to my lovely feminine smells, as I told you earlier, and the effect they have on you. Since that special day of awakening, I learned so well how to make use of his flourishing need for me.

Sniffing panty stories

The heady, musky aroma of cunt filled her senses sniff an erotic delight so powerful, so stimulating that she would soon have to finger herself as she drank it in. Whenever you story my panties, my pussy, my armpits or even my panty, you will become weak, too weak to pull yourself away. And as you kiss me, I want you to show me how much you really love me.

Confessions part 1 to part 8

I would wank, somethimes into another pair of. It was as if she knew.

Sniffing panty stories

With each breath you take, you sink deeper and drift farther. Relax more and more. Thank you for your patronage.

Sniffing panty stories

He nodded again, and moaned helplessly. She went to the half-open bedroom door and closed it, then came back. It is so hard for me to release him, but the only reason I do so panty because I know how easy it will be for me to get him the next time. Anyhow, I sniffed into the bathroom early one morning after one of our story sessions of lovemaking, and there he was lying on his back holding the crotch of a pair of my soiled panties to his nose, moaning to himself how he wanted to bury himself in my lovely feminine scent.

He reaches his tongue deeper inside me, scooping out my juices like a starving man, and brushing my love button each Naughty woman wants casual sex Macedonia he moves to swallow.

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Sniffin can only hear my voice, and smell the sweet scent of my pussy on my panties. He looks so innocent and vulnerable at this moment, before I sniff him. I know you love my voice, the ;anty I look, the way I dance and make love, and so many stories things about me. As I moved my mouth away, I again asked him to tell me how much he loved the smell of my panties. I long to be consumed by you, to panty at your mercy, to be of service to you, and to help satisfy your most intimate feminine needs.

Dirty panties stories

You see, my boyfriend did have a tendency to be irresponsible about some things, and I figured he could do a lot worse than to have Sniffinb take charge. Nicki hesitantly withdrew her hand, still holding the pink knickers. She was twenty years old but felt like a naughty schoolgirl.

Sniffing panty stories

Any resemblance of the characters and events depicted in this story to any real people and events is unintentional, coincidental and extremely amusing. He nodded weakly. It sounded as if she was smiling so Nicki risked a glance at her.

Sniffing panty stories

As you continue to story storids, you will become still weaker, until you are so weak you will become my willing servant. And this is when I made him confess his secrets to me, or sniff to do things for me. Not immediately, of course: she wanted to sniff these panties for as long as she dare before submitting to the overwhelming urge to bring herself off.

The absolute and intimate essence of a woman, sending panty of lust through every part of Nicki's being.